Revamping a business model and developing a multi-year strategic plan

Veloz is a nonprofit organization with unparalleled stakeholder leadership made up of a high-powered, diverse board and members from key sector companies, agencies and nonprofits. Our name means fast because we know we must move quickly. The world’s vehicles are going electric, but not yet fast enough, which is where Veloz comes in.

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I started working with Executive Director Josh Boone and the Board of Veloz when they were spinning out of the California Air Resources Board, where they were founded and had been incubated for about seven years. They wanted to look at their business model and fundraising potential from sources other than membership and sponsorship of their Electric For All campaign. This was before Governor Newsom passed the all-ZEV car sales by 2035 measure in California. 

Together we crafted the organization’s first development plan and hired a strategic partnerships director who is helping Veloz soar. Over the years, I’ve returned to help Veloz hire more team members and develop a performance management and professional development program to retain this incredible talent. We completed a new multi-year strategic plan that is worthy of this team’s vision and ambitions and that answers critical questions about Veloz’s role in the global movement for clean and equitable transportation.

Why I love this team: Veloz is unlike most public-private partnerships in that they have gathered the state’s highest-level decision makers alongside auto makers, charging companies, utilities and environmental groups to advance a vision of 100% clean transportation for all. Through the Electric for All campaign and platform, Veloz is willing to use their irreverent sense of humor to be provocative when it matters – to get us all thinking about the ways we move through our lives and the impact this has on the planet and our own health.

“Hiring Cathy to facilitate strategic planning was advantageous for many reasons. Her comprehensive and human-centered approach made our planning and recruiting processes thorough, transparent, fair and inclusive. She brought to the table a successful history of working with clients to meet Veloz’s Electric For All vision and always delivered on time. I highly recommend Cathy to any executive that needs to beef up their strategy, looking for a thought advisor or for help recruiting talented team members. Beyond her professional talents, Cathy is highly creative, responsive and a delight.”