Building a home to support the New American Majority

Rooted in our commitment to advance justice and equity and guided by our values of Accountability, Transparency, and Objective Inquiry, the Sandler Phillips Center offers rigorous research and analysis, strategic investments and collaborative opportunities to improve the effectiveness of progressive politics and enhance the return on investment of political giving. The Center was founded by the wife-husband team of Susan Sandler and Steve Phillips.

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I had the pleasure of working with Susan Sandler and Steve Phillips while I was at the Women’s Foundation of California. When Susan and Steve asked if I could help project manage the launch of an organization that would house their joint political aspirations, as well as one of the first projects focused on taking back Congress (which we did in 2018), I leapt at the chance. Over the years, I’ve supported projects ranging from independent expenditure campaigns to elect the nation’s first Black woman governor to the roll out of Steve’s newest book, How We Win the Civil War, and strategic planning.

Why I love this team: I marvel at Susan’s and Steve’s analyses, their commitment to data-driven strategy, their long view on progressive movements and their pragmatic sense of the challenges movement leaders face. I am in continual learning mode with this extraordinary team of political strategists, data scientists and truth tellers and the progressive leaders they invest in all over the country. Every week is both a study and action in undoing the harms of colonization and white supremacy and ending these deplorable legacies for good.

“I have had the extraordinary good fortune to work with Cathy for over a decade now, and there are few people more organized, effective, capable (and easy to work with and cheerful on top of all that!). When I heard she was hanging out her shingle, I immediately reached out to have her help me and my wife design, staff and launch the Sandler Phillips Center. She is the quickest of studies and has become an integral part of the team of people I'm working with to make this world a little better. Cathy is extraordinarily gifted and possesses a truly rare combination of skills, talents and traits.”